Daylight Saving Time (DST) Worldwide

Returns Daylight Saving Time (DST) switch dates and times as well as time zone changes for the selected year in one or more countries.

Types of queries:

  • DST switches and time zone changes for a single country.
  • DST switches and time zone changes for all countries that observe DST.
  • DST switches and time zone changes as well as the current time zone for all countries.

The service provides the following data:

  • Country where a time zone is observed.
  • Cities that observe this time zone (id, city name, state or province, country).
  • Full city name, state or province (if available), and country.
  • Time zone during standard time including offset to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • Time zone during DST, including offset to UTC (if applicable).
  • For locations without seasonal time change: is DST observed year-round or never?
  • Consolidated DST start and end dates
  • On request, full listing of all time zone changes for the given year, including date, time, and offset to UTC.

Data coverage

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Sample Data

Example Request:{KEY}&expires={TIMESTAMP}&signature={SIGNATURE}

  "version": 2,
  "dstlist": [{
    "region": {
      "country": {
        "id": "al",
        "name": "Republic of Albania"
      "desc": "All locations",
      "biggestplace": "Tirana",
      "locations": [{
        "id": 284,
        "name": "Tirana"
    "stdtimezone": {
      "zoneabb": "CET",
      "offset": "+01:00",
      "zonename": "Central European Time",
      "zoneoffset": 3600,
      "zonedst": 0,
      "zonetotaloffset": 3600
    "dsttimezone": {
      "zoneabb": "CEST",
      "offset": "+02:00",
      "zonename": "Central European Summer Time",
      "zoneoffset": 3600,
      "zonedst": 3600,
      "zonetotaloffset": 7200
    "dststart": "2011-03-27",
    "dstend": "2011-10-30"

Example Request:{KEY}&expires={TIMESTAMP}&signature={SIGNATURE}

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<data version="2">
        <country id="al">Republic of Albania</country>
        <desc>All locations</desc>
          <location id="284" name="Tirana"/>
      <stdtimezone offset="+01:00">
        <zonename>Central European Time</zonename>
      <dsttimezone offset="+02:00">
        <zonename>Central European Summer Time</zonename>

Example Request:{KEY}&expires={TIMESTAMP}&signature={SIGNATURE}

al,Albania,All locations,Tirana,CET,Central European Time,+01:00,3600,CEST,Central European Summer Time,+02:00,7200,2015-03-29,2015-10-25
ad,Andorra,All locations,Andorra La Vella,CET,Central European Time,+01:00,3600,CEST,Central European Summer Time,+02:00,7200,2015-03-29,2015-10-25
aq,Antarctica,Some locations,Orcadas,ART,Argentina Time,-03:00,-10800,,,,,no DST,
aq,Antarctica,Some locations,South Pole,NZST,New Zealand Standard Time,+12:00,43200,NZDT,New Zealand Daylight Time,+13:00,46800,2015-09-27,2015-04-05
aq,Antarctica,Some locations,Casey,CAST,Casey Time,+08:00,28800,,,,,no DST,
aq,Antarctica,,Neumayer-Station III,UTC,,+00:00,0,,,,,no DST,
aq,Antarctica,,Troll Station,GMT,Greenwich Mean Time,+00:00,0,CET,Central European Time,+01:00,3600,2015-03-01,2015-11-07
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