Frequently Asked Questions

Accuracy and Reliability

How accurate is your information?
Our databases are maintained on a daily basis by a team of professional researchers and editors. Where possible, we use official sources, such as law texts and governmental news outlets. Changes of time zones and daylight saving time rules worldwide are regularly published in our Time Zone News. However, despite our efforts to provide accurate information, mistakes can always happen. Should you have spotted an error please let us know: Please note that you use the information at your own risk.
How often is your holiday data updated?
We keep a close eye on the changing rules for holidays and observances in all countries in our database and add new information as soon as it becomes available. However, in some countries, holiday dates for the subsequent year are announced on very short notice, so they may not be available until quite late in the current year.

Database Content

Does the service take Daylight Saving Time into account?
Yes. All daylight saving time switches are automatically taken into account for all locations in our database (except UTC).
Do you provide time zone information for years before 1970?
No, our data is not complete for years before 1970. In some countries/states, the dates of daylight saving time switches varied from city to city back then and we do not have the manpower to establish a reliable database for that period.
Do you have an API for weather data?
No. We do have weather data, but our license does not allow reselling the data.
Twilight, azimuth and meridian passing – what do these terms mean?
Find an explanation of the terms used in our Astronomy Service on our Sun and Moon information pages.
Why are the moonrise/-set times missing about every 2 weeks?
The gap between 2 moonrises is a little more than 24 hours – and the same is true for the time between 2 moonsets. If the moon rises just before midnight on day 1, the next moonrise will occur just after midnight on day 3, and there will be no moonrise on day 2.
Which locations are available for the trial package?
Please see the Trial Package section on our Access & Conditions page.

Terms and Payment

What are your license terms?
Please see our Terms & Conditions page.
Can I change the payment method for my order?
Yes. Simply repeat the process and submit a second order. We will automatically cancel your first order and mark it as such after a while.
What is a request? How do you count requests?
We count every HTTP or HTTPS request that is sent to one of our services as 1 (one) request, provided that the request clearly originates from one of our customers (i.e. is presented with valid authentication tokens) and that the request is not answered with an error message. For more information, please see our API Access Information Page.
Can I buy unlimited requests?
No. We have to pay for server operation and generated data traffic. An unlimited number of requests would generate potentially unlimited costs for us or disturb operation for other customers. In most applications, it is feasible to cache data on the client side. This will reduce the number of generated requests and speed up your application at the same time.
Query limits: 200 cities – what does that mean?
With a single query, you can request data for up to 200 locations. However, for every query you are free to chose different locations, you are not stuck with a specific set of cities.
TIME 5 / TIME 20: which cities can I choose?
After you have ordered one of these packages, you can choose any 5/20 cities from our database. Please use the License overview pages to do this. You can change the set of selected cities up to 10 times by this method. If you need to change it more often, please contact

Personal Information

Can I change the email address for my account?
Yes. Please send an email to, and we will do this change for you.
How can I close my account?
Please sign into your account, then open the contact information page and click on “Close account”. You will be prompted to confirm your selection once again by clicking on the red button.
Please note that all your settings and data will be irreversibly lost when you close the account.
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