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Data Download

Want to download our data and import them into spreadsheets without having to write your own program? Our Data Download lets you extract our data in CSV or XML format - no programming needed!

Data available for download

We currently offer 3 different Data Download areas, each featuring a specific set of data:

DST & time zones: Constantly updated daylight saving time (DST) and time zone information for all countries worldwide.

Astronomy data: all the data provided by our Astronomy API Service. Download accurate rise/set times for sun and moon, azimuths, moon phases and illuminated fractions, solar noon and midnight times, and more, in a location of your choice, for up to 12 months in one go!

Holidays worldwide: Access our comprehensive database with holiday dates and details for 120+ countries around the world. More countries are added on a regular basis.

Get started with downloading

Testing the service for free

Select the kind of data you wish to download by clicking on the links above. You may be asked to sign in or register. To start a free trial, click on “apply for free trial package” during the registration process.

Using the Data Download

Buy credit for the kind of data you wish to download.

Buy DST & time zones credit

Buy astronomy credit

Buy holiday credit

Then go back to one of the Data Download areas and start downloading!


Every click on the "Preview" button is counted as 1 request, a click on the "Download" button is billed according to the selected data. Downloading a whole month of data in the Astronomy section counts as 1 request, so 12 months will be billed as 12 requests. For the holiday section, every exported country is billed as 1 request. Downloading data in the DST & Time Zones section is always billed as 1 request.

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