API Access & Conditions

Access to the timeanddate.com API services is granted by means of license packages. These license packages enable access to one specific part of our data for a certain period of time, usually 12 months. During this period you can access this data as often as you want. If you cache the data on your systems we require you to delete it when the license expires.

Each license package includes a certain number of requests. The requests are not bound to a specific package but will be deducted from the package that will expire first. According to our experience, the number of available requests per package should be enough for most users. Should you need more than the included requests, you can choose one of the High Request Volume packages which provide additional request credits. These can be combined with any license package, at any time.

Keeping Track of your Licenses

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Visit the License Overview page to see an overview of all your active license packages with expiry dates and number of remaining requests.

To renew a license package, please visit the License Renewal page. Select the license packages you wish to renew and click the "Renew selected licenses" button. The selected items will be added to your shopping cart and can be paid like other purchases.

If you renew the license before it expires, unused requests will not be lost but remain active during the new term. By default, we send out email notifications before a package expires. This option can be disabled in the Personal Information menu.

Counting Requests

We count every HTTP or HTTPS request that is sent to one of our services as 1 (one) request, provided that the request clearly originates from one of our customers (i.e. is presented with valid authentication tokens) and that the request is not answered with an error message.

Example: a single HTTP request that queries the time in 200 cities is counted as one request. 200 requests, each querying the time in one city, are counted as 200 requests.

Requests that result in error messages are not counted, but we do record them.

Trial Package

Test our services by using our trial package. It's absolutely free, no strings attached. Please see the tables shown below for an overview of the available countries/locations for the trial package. This set of locations was selected to enable you to test our services and develop your software. If you would like to see/inspect more data before committing to buy our services, please use our main website at http://www.timeanddate.com/ – the services there use the same database.

Please use these locations to test our astronomy, dialing codes and time related services:

750Lord Howe IslandAustralia
1315PhilipsburgSint Maarten

Please use this country to test our holiday service:


License Terms

Please see our Terms & Conditions page.

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