New Feature: API Libraries for .NET and JVM

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Our new native, open source libraries now allow software developers to take advantage of all our API Services with minimal coding efforts. The libraries are available for both .NET and JVM platforms.

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One Class for Each Service

Our class libraries on .NET and JVM allows you to selectively use the specific service for which you have appropriate licenses, and specify individual access keys for each service. This allows you to take advantage of the specific policies you have created for each key, for your required usage.

In Your Own Terms

The libraries use accepted industry standards and conventions for each platform. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, the .NET library API is crafted to feel native for a .NET developer – and the JVM library for a JVM developer.

Get Accurate Information for Your Applications

Our researchers maintain and expand our database on a daily basis. We now offer accurate holiday data for over 120 countries, and more are added all the time.

The team closely monitors daylight saving time (DST) and time zone changes around the world, so you can rely on the information we provide. As an example, Uruguay just abolished DST while the Cayman Islands are expected to start their first ever DST period next year.

You will find these and more updates on our Time Zone News page.

Access Locations All Over The Globe

Our API supports querying locations in several ways, so you can choose the method that suits you best.

  • Numeric IDs - These are unique, stable and will not change
  • Textual IDs - Using countries and cities around the world
  • Geographic coordinates - Specify the latitude and longitude for your requested location
  • IATA and ICAO codes - Query for airports by using IATA / ICAO codes

Available Services

  • Time Service - Get current times around the globe, convert local times, etc. – all DST changes are taken into account
  • Holiday Service - Access our vast database of holidays for over 120 countries
  • Astronomy Service - Get information about Sun & Moon for locations all over the world
  • Dial Code Service - Find out complete telephone codes from one location to another – includes country and area codes

Sample Code for .NET

 var country = "no";
 var service = new HolidaysService('accessKey', 'secretKey');
 service.Types = HolidayType.Federal | HolidayType.Weekdays;
 var result = service.GetHolidaysForCountry(country);

Sample Code for JVM

 Coordinates coordinates = new Coordinates(59.743m, 10.204m);
 LocationId place = new LocationId(coordinates);
 TADDateTime date = new TADDateTime(2015, 1, 1);
 AstronomyService service = new AstronomyService('accessKey', 'secretKey');
 service.Types = EnumSet.of(AstronomyEventClass.Meridian, AstronomyEventClass.NauticalTwilight);
 List astroInfo = service.getAstronomicalInfo(AstronomyObjectType.Moon, place, startDate, endDate);

Example Languages

These are just some of the different languages on the .NET and JVM platforms with interoperability with Java and C#. For the .NET platform, we also support Mono virtual machine.

  • Native Languages
    • C#
    • Java
  • Interop Languages
    • Visual Basic.NET
    • Nemerle
    • F#
    • Scala
    • Clojure
    • Groovy
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