New Data Format for Holidays Service

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We have just released a minor update concerning the date format in our holidays service. While the service still returns a timestamp for special holiday types like time zone changes and seasons, other holidays now only returns a date. If a country has multiple time zones, the timestamps pertains to its capital city. All times are now in local time including timezone information. These changes are now available as version 2 (specify as request parameter). This is to ensure consistency and avoid confusion for all existing users.

This update eliminates a problem in the previous version of the holidays service: while the documentation stated that times were always in UTC, certain holiday types were in fact shown as local time. In addition, specifying the time 00:00:00 for holidays without time added even more ambiguity.

The old data format is still available by calling the holidays service with version=1. It is also possible to omit the version parameter, but a warning message will then be added to the result.

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