Announcing New Calculator Services!

Friday, April 29, 2016
Time and Date is pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new Calculator Services!

Developers can use the Calculator Services to calculate either time spans or dates, including or excluding business days, in 170+ countries.

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Reliable Working Date Calculations

Business days vary from country to country depending on several factors like national, local, or religious holidays, and different weekend conventions. The Calculator Services allow access to's Time Zones and Holidays databases which are constantly being updated and extended.

Add or Subtract Working Days

The Business Date Service allows you to add or subtract a number of business days from a start date, taking into account the holiday and weekend schedule for a location of your choice.

Count Working Days

Perhaps you already know the end date and are more interested in how many actual working days are between a start date and end date? In this case, our Business Duration Service allows you to request the number of working days between the two dates you specify.

Extensive Information

The returned data in XML or JSON will give you the information about which holidays exist in the period you requested. At the same time, the reply provides IDs and URLs that you can use in our Holidays Services to get even more information. We also return the data we have parsed from your request.

You can specify different parameters to customize your query, such as whether or not specific days should be included in the calculation, or excluded. Weekends and holidays can also be included or excluded in the same manner.

Get Started Now!

If you are not already a Time and Date API customer, you can start by visiting our Getting Started Page!

If you already are a Time and Date API customer, please visit our Calculator Packages!

After you're registered as a Time and Date API customer, you can start testing the APIs in our Query Builder.

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