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Working Days Calculators

These services let you query for a location, or country, and get data on working days in a given period. The result will be accurately calculated based on our database of holidays for 170+ countries worldwide. When using these services with a country, you can also specify a state which also takes into account specific holidays in that state. Using these services with a specific Place ID will calculate the working days by the holidays and weekends that particular location is affected by.

Business Date Calculator

What date will it be in 99 workdays? Use this calculator to add or subtract any number of days, counting only business days or non-working days in a specified country, country and state, or place id.

By default this service will calculate the date from a given number of days, excluding weekends and holidays. It is, however, completely up to you how you want to design your query. If you only want to include weekends and holidays, instead of excluding them, you can easily do so! Adding additional filters such as also excluding specific days is also possible!

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Business Days Calculator

Calculate the number of days between two dates, including or excluding weekends and/or public holidays.

This service will use our database of holidays in 170+ countries to calculate how many days are working days between two dates. Additional filters such as excluding specific days or doing inclusion instead of exclusion are completely at your convenience!

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