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Holiday Type

Table 5.6. Available Holiday Types and Descriptions

Combinations of different holiday types
allCombinations of all known types (except fun.
defaultDefault holiday set: federal, federallocal, obs1, weekday.

Default set depending on country.

For most countries, this is the same as default. However, for some countries it makes sense to add further types – this type accounts for this case. Currently this only affects the UK: local holidays are added as well. This is to include days that are only valid in one of countries – e.g. Jan 2 is a holiday only for Scotland.

obsImportant (obs1), common (obs2) and other observances (obs3).
religiousAll religious holidays: buddhism, christian, hebrew, hinduism, muslim, orthodox.
National/Federal holidays and observances
defactoSome countries (e.g. Sweden) have days which are de facto treted as official holidays, even if there's no legal regulation.
federalFederal/national holidays.
federallocalCommon local holidays.
flagdayFlag days.
halfdayHalf day holidays (only afternoon off). These days can be half day holidays either by law, or being de facto half day holidays (e.g. Sweden).
localLocal holidays.
local2Local observances.
obs1Important observances.
obs2Common observances.
obs3Other observances.

Optional holiday.

Employment and holiday laws in certain countries allow employees to choose a limited number of holidays from a list of holidays. Some employees may choose to take the day off on these day, however, most offices and businesses remain open.


Normal working days.

In some cases, working days are declared non-working days in order to form a longer period of consecutive non-working days. In exchange, weekend days become normal working days.

Religious holidays/observances
buddhismBuddhist holidays.
christianChristian holidays.
hebrewHebrew holidays.
hinduismHindu holidays.
muslimMuslim holidays.
orthodoxOrthodox holidays.
otherreligionReligious holidays, not covered by other types.
Special Events
seasonsSeasons (equinoxes and solstices).
sportSport events.
tzTime zone events – daylight savings time start and end.
Worldwide Events
unUnited Nations days.
worldWorldwide observations.
Fun Holidays
funFun, Wacky and Trivial Holidays.

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