Version 1

converttime service: default value for the timechanges parameter is 0 (Documentation fixed).
converttime service: the time conversion service now also supports the timechanges parameter. It can be used to retrieve the dates for DST start/end and other time zone changes that affect a location for a whole year. This would also be covered by the dstlist service, but this service is more tailored to look-up all information in one go and does not support look-up of individual places by specifying geographic coordinates.
holidays service: Two letter language codes for Japanese and Swedish were corrected to meet ISO639 Language Code. Fallback to English language when no localized holiday texts available was not working in certain cases, issue has been rectified.

dstlist service: documentation updated to clarify that years before 1970 are not covered for all countries.

The search radius for look-up of geographic coordinates can now be specified. If no location is found within the specified radius, un-mapped coordinates are used for the called service. See Location Id for further information.
Language support added for most services (dialcode service missing yet). Due to technical limitations, timezone names cannot be translated yet, this will be added in a later release.
dstlist service – minor fixes:
  • Zone offset "+00:00" was incorrectly displayed as "-00:00".
  • Time for all year DST locations (Macquerie Island, Falkland Islands) was incorrectly displayed with 1 hour offset.
  • Time zones for Samoa and Tokelau for the year 2011 were displayed as after the time zone change on December 29 – remedied to display time zones as from the beginning of the year. Specifying timechanges=1 will display all changes through the year.
Support for specifying locations by using geographic coordinates. See Location Id for a detailed description.

dstlist service: ability to request transition time via the timechanges parameter.

holidays service: ability to request texts in different languages via the lang parameter.

For JSON and the related output formats, the location id in the LocationType and LocationRefType types was incorrectly returned as integer. This has been rectified to meet the documentation.

astronomy service: newly added.

Added the parameters country, listplaces and onlydst and corresponding functionality to the dstlist service.
Initial release.

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