Version 2

holidays service: added the [ISO3166]-2 code for states to HolidayStateType.

current, a new Astronomy Event Class

astronomy now let you query with types=current for both the moon and the sun Astronomical Object Id. current will return the current phase for the object requested. For both objects there will be attributes for altitude, distance, azimuth and the current time for the place requested. However, by querying the moon object you will also get the current Moon Phase and the current illumination.


Release of businessdate and businessduration services

businessdate and businessduration services are now available as part of the Calculator Package. These services will allow users to request the number of business days between two dates, or find the end business date given a start date and a number of days.

Initial release of request API version 2.
  • holidays service: holidays without time are now exported with a date only. Holidays including a timestamp will have the timestamp always in local time and including time zone information. Times and time zones pertain to the capital city for countries with multiple time zones.
  • All relevant services (astronomy, converttime, timeservice) now support IATA/ICAO-codes to specify locations: see Location Id for details.
  • Specifying a request version is mandatory from version 2 on. Omitting the version will stick to version 1 with an added warning message.

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